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Online Data Capture

Data Capturing is collection of written or typed data from hard copies to soft copies like MS word or MS Excel or inserting the data into online system. Outsource Data capture is more complex and valuable because it captures specific data. In this method data is captured into form or questioner’s format.

In today's era data capture is the fundamental and most indispensable internal function of every business firm. It is an exceptionally vital area of expertise that helps boost the performance standard and competence.

Data capturing involves entering data manually through a word processor, using an optical character recognition tool or any digital recording medium through which the source data can be converted into digital format. By using advanced technologies OCR/OMR and OCR to enhance the overall speed and accuracy of work.

The data from contracts, forms, bills, invoices and other documents can be captured through our particular software and generated as an electronic file. The captured data can be used for varied purposes like analyzing, billing and even auditing. Online Data capture eliminates the errors caused by manual entry like lost invoices, bills and other data entry.

Our Online Data Capture Services permits businesses to collect and process data taken from significant forms, documents, and online sheets into meaningful and accurate information. Apart from capturing data, these are also helpful in processing, computing and evaluating the client's information. The data can further be stored in desired file format such as ANSI, XML and CSV.

Data Capture Services India, Outsource Data Capture India

Online Data Capture, Online Data Capture Services India
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