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Yellow and White Pages Data Entry

Yellow & White Pages

Yellow Pages are type of directory which gives information about each and every business and White Pages are telephone directory of residential people. Both are useful to analyze the market and customer to connect business.

For every business, Yellow Pages and White Pages data is a very useful resource. It helps a business locate potential clients, services and product offerings in its immediate vicinity. Every organization, big or small, have the demand for accurate data for initiating business transactions, supporting customers, and making informed timely decisions. The Yellow and White Pages is the source of such information, enabling clients to manage costs, improve efficiency, and build a better liaison with your clients.

Our Yellow Pages Data Entry helps in extracting Yellow Pages’ data quickly and Zero errors.  We can also capture data and enter data into excel from yellow pages directory. We offer versatile services like:

  • Company/Business Name
  • Address, City, State, Country
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number, Fax
  • Email, Website URL

Yellow Pages Data Entry Services will extract information relevant to you with a needle-point precision. The output   of Yellow and White Pages can be obtained in any desired database format including Microsoft Access, MS-SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Excel, .dbf and .csv formats.

Yellow and White Pages Data Entry aids with optimal accuracy, reduced operational costs, effective management of work, reduced risk, quick turnaround time and regular work updates.

Yellow Pages Data Entry, Yellow Pages Data Entry India

White Pages Data Entry, White Pages Data Entry India
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